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Matches 151 to 200 of 881

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151 Alexander died unmarried. Alexander COCKBURN, 5th Bart.
152 At his death, Alexander was aged 17 years. Alexander COCKBURN, 6th Bart.
153 Alexander was 11th Bart. and was the Lord Chief Justice of England. He died unmarried. Alexander James Edmond COCKBURN, Bart.
154 Augusta had no issue. Augusta Harriet Mary COCKBURN
155 Francis was the Governor of Honduras. Francis COCKBURN
156 Sir George was Admiral of the Fleet of the Cape of Good Hope and Southern Seas during the time that Napoleon gave himself up, and he sailed with him, in the "Northumberland", when he took him to St. Helena. George COCKBURN, 9th Bart
157 James was the last of Langton. James COCKBURN, 7th Bart.
158 James went to St. Mary, Jamaica, where he met his wife, Sarah. James COCKBURN, M.D.
159 William was Dean of York. William COCKBURN, 10th Bart.
160 Edward was an R.A.F. Squadron Leader. He and Hilda lived in Harrogate. Edward COWAN
161 William was the Parochial teacher of North Yell and Fetlar from 1814 to 1826. On 20 Apr 1830, he aired his grievances about the unwholesome state of the school building. It had been badly built and lacked proper light. In 1831, he took a population census in Fetlar and North Yell over 18 days, being paid five shillings per day. He had no issue. William CRAGIE
162 Kitty was a widow when she met Kem. Katherine CUERDEN
163 John Sjovald Hoseason Cunyngham-Brown, the Acting Resident Commissioner of Penang (1954) and President of the Municipal Council of George Town (1952-1956). Cunyngham-Brown collaborated with Raymond Flower to write the story of Penang. Unfortunately he passed away on 1 April, 1989, ten years before Flower was able to get the book published [ The Penang Adventure (2009, Marshall Cavendish Editions) ].
John Sjovald Hoseason CUNYNGHAM-BROWN
164 John was born on the Isle of Wight, although the family normally lived in Paris at this time, where John's father was lecturing at the Sorbonne. As a result of laws governing nationality at the time, it appears that due to his parent's wanderings, he needed to be born in Britain in order to become a British subject, and the Isle of Wight was as far as his mother made it before he was born. He was unmarried and lived in Penang. He wrote his autobiography, called "Crowded Hour", from which some family details have been obtained. In this book he also gives the early "history" of the Hoseason family, but this is grossly inaccurate. He was friendly with William Sandford Hoseason, and other moneyed members of the family. John Sjovald Hoseason CUNYNGHAM-BROWN
165 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
166 Legend tells that the 27-year-old Robert de Brus was a handsome young man participating in the Ninth Crusade. When Adam de Kilconquhar, one of his companions-in-arms, fell in 1270, at Acre, Robert was obliged to travel to tell the sad news to Adam's widow Marjorie of Carrick. The story continues that Marjorie was so taken with the messenger that she had him held captive until he agreed to marry her, which he did in 1271. However, since the crusade landed in Acre on 9 May 1271, and only started to engage the Muslims in late June, the story and his participation in the Ninth Crusade are generally discounted. Robert DE BRUS, 6th Lord of Annandale
167 Robert V de Brus (Robert de Brus), 5th Lord of Annandale, was a feudal lord, Justice and Constable of Scotland and England, a Regent of Scotland, and a leading competitor for the Scottish throne in 1290/92 in the Great Cause.  Robert DE BRUS, 5th Lord of Annandale, Lord of Ireby
168 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
169 Adeline was the second born of three daughters. Adeline DE L'ÉTANG
170 The Chevalier Ambroise de l'Étang was Page of Honour to Queen Marie Antoinette [he was two years younger than her], later an officer of the King's Guard du Corps and Superintendent of the Royal Stud Farm. He was a magnificent horseman, tall and handsome, with a courtier's polished manners and was a Chevalier of the Royal and Military Order of St. Louis. He was openly devoted to his Royal mistress, and his conduct was such that gossip reached the ears of King Louis XVI, who issued a sudden order to have the young Chevalier posted to a regiment of Saphis, stationed in Pondicherry, India. The Governor
of that province also received strict orders not to let him out of India. This action probably saved his life as the French Revolution was to follow shortly afterwards.

Thérèse had lived in India all her life and, following her marriage, she and the Chevalier settled there and raised a family of two sons, who both died unmarried, and three daughters. For a time, the Chevalier was a prisoner of the British Force which captured Pondicherry in 1793. Later he ran a riding school, combined with a veterinary business, and auction rooms for the sale and purchase of horses. In 1802, he was appointed as veterinary surgeon to the body-guard of the Governor General of Bengal and, in 1814, is heard of schooling horses for the wealthy Nawab of Oude [the Governor General was the Marquis of Hastings]. The Governor General noted the Chevalier's name in his diary as, "a man of exemplary character and most polished manners and moreover ... most highly qualified for superintending a stud farm, having held such an office under Louis XVI in France."

After the Battle of Waterloo, he was appointed assistant supervisor in one of the East India Company's studs, and from 1833 until his death, he was in charge of studs at Ghazipur, where he died aged 84. 
Ambroise Pierre Antoine DE L'ÉTANG
171 Henry was a paymaster in the Royal Navy. Henry DEANE
172 Following the divorce, Dorothy moved to Cardiff in the early 1970's. Dorothy DENTON
173 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
174 Alexander was a merchant and town sergeant in Aberdeen. Alexander DUNCAN
175 Alexander was a merchant in Aberdeen. Alexander DUNCAN
176 James was a wright in Edinburgh. James DUNCAN
177 John was minister of Bressay from 1715 until his death. John DUNCAN
178 Diane is described as being "a beautiful girl, dark haired and a lovely skin". Diane EASTMAN
179 Ref No: D12/46
Title: Fragment of protest by William Edie, on behalf of Agnes Ross, relict of James Edie, merchant, Uyeasound, against James Scott, now of Voisgarth.
Date: 1699
Physical Description: In poor condition, will not be shown.
Language: Scots
Extent: 1 item 
James EDIE
180 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
181 James was Deputy Remembrancer of the Court of the Exchequer. James ELDERTON
182 John was an engineer in Leith. John ELLIOT
183 Stuart has married twice, having a daughter from his first marriage. He was a restaurant owner in Aberdeen, but now lives in Maidstone, Kent. Stuart ELLIOT
184 For more information see 'The Scots Peerage', volume 3, page 530, edited by Sir James Balfour Paul, 1906, Edinburgh, David Douglas.
Alexander ELPHINSTONE, 1st Lord Elphinstone
185 Lord Elphinstone, of Elphinstone in the County of Stirling, is a title in the Peerage of Scotland. It was created in 1510 for Alexander Elphinstone who was killed at the Battle of Flodden three years later. Alexander ELPHINSTONE, 1st Lord Elphinstone
186 Prior to her marriage to John Bruce, Euphame had a son by King James V of Scotland (Robert Stewart, Child Abbot of Holyrood, later Earl of Orkney). She remarried to John Bruce of Kennet following John's death. Euphame (or Euphemia) ELPHINSTONE
187 Augustus married and had sons. Augustus Charles ESPEUT
188 Charles died as a result of cholera. Charles Allan ESPEUT
189 Peter's army records have him appointed as Ensign, in Kingston, on 22nd July 1840; as Lieutenant, in Kingston, on 16th June 1841; and as Captain in 1861. From 1839-47, he was Cashier of Planter's Bank. In 1849, he was Secretary protem, and from 1850-51, was Secretary of the bank [the bank was established in 1839, and wound up in 1851]. He held the position of magistrate in St. Thomas in the East, 1857-65; Kingston and St. Andrews, 1854-68; St. Catherine, 1860-69; St. George, 1864-67; Portland, 1868; Metcalfe, 1862-67; St. Mary, 1868. He also held the positions of Cutos for St. Thomas in the East, from 1865 to November 1868, and Alderman in Kingston, from 1854-60. Peter Alexander ESPEUT
190 William was a planter. William Bancroft ESPEUT
191 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
192 Magnus was employed as a linesman with the Hydro Board, and while working on
overhead lines, fell to the ground receiving back injuries. Following his
recovery, he joined his father-in-law in the business of Peter Blance & Co.
and, following William Johnson's death, went into partnership with his
brother-in-law, Robert Lyle Johnson. After a time, the business was sold and
he now operates a taxi service in Lerwick. 
Magnus James FLAWS
193 Date of death may be wrong as a John Francisson of Aywick is mentioned in Gifford Rental of 1716. John FRANCISSON, of Aywick
194 John Francisson had a charter from Alexander Douglas of Spynie, commissioner for the Earldom of Orkney and Shetland, of 13 merks land in South Aywick, on 15th August 1664. He is reputed to have worn his hair in a pigtail, and had knee-breeches "like a bishop". John FRANCISSON, of Aywick
195 Philip and Ruth live in Hythe, Kent, and have no children. Philip Edward FROST
196 Joseph J Fynney, b 1877, was a Liverpool merchant and is listed as missing/died at sea in 1912 on the maiden voyage of the Titanic. He left effects of £4500 to his sister Martha Jane Fynney who married John Bruce Hoseason in 1905 in Liverpool. Martha Jane FYNNEY
197 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
198 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
199 1881 Census: Resident at 120 Higher Cambridge Street, Chorlton-on-Medlock, Lancashire. Elizabeth GARDNER
200 Ada is a possible child of William and Elizabeth Giddens. Ada Elizabeth GIDDENS

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